FMG Platform is a Mentoring, Business Development, and Empowerment Platform Who Members (Associates), through its affiliated companies, offers a broad array of mentoring, Business developing, and strategically packaged wealth enhancing products and services at huge discounts to
his Members, its Clients, and the public Make money helping and empowering people to attain financial independence.

Associates are positioned to make money by providing mentoring, supporting businesses to grow in volume productivity and profitability, and attracting business, (Contracts, Training, Insurance, ICT, Business Support Services (Professional advice), Real Estate, and other businesses on a commission basis.

People from all walks of life no matter their background and financial situations; have access to our mentoring and wealth enhancing products and services that can help them achieve financial independence full or part-time, make money, build their own businesses, be their own bosses, choose when and how they spend time with their family and friends, dream their own dreams while maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle. It’s virtually a risk-free chance to change their future.

FMG Associates are trained independent contractors and Mentors who work with everyday people helping them make critical decisions that help move them from where they are to where they want to be A Platform Dedicated to helping individuals, families, cooperatives, Organizations, and Government and development Agencies with empowering their people and

businesses stress-free.

Our Vision

FMG is positioned to become the number one mentoring and empowerment company to deliver mentoring, business development, and wealth enhancing products & services to the average people on a grand scale.

Our System

The Mentoring and Business development vehicle allows us to achieve our vision and mission. It has effective ways to build a business with its duplicable, turnkey mentoring system.

It provides a great opportunity for individuals to become Entrepreneurs and build their own businesses.
Each FMG Associate will be an independent business owner that operates within a
virtual platform with access to our training, professional consultation, business hubs ICT medium, environment, and platform.

So with FMG Platform, you’re never a number, but a valued neighbor, our older and more

experienced Associates are eager to help. While many people will experience successful

careers within the FMG Platform, each Associate’s success level represents individual member

experiences. As each individual differs, so will his/her specific results. Work ethic patterns,

activity levels, and dedication all play a significant role in determining the outcome that one may

achieve and in his/her ability to control his/her destiny on an ongoing basis.

Any current Member’s individual results are not representative of what all participants achieve

when following the FMG system.

Our Mission


To help Individuals, Families, and Business Owners achieve financial freedom

What We Offer

FMG Platform offers people from all walks of life an uncommon opportunity to change careers and be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

FMG offers mentorship, business consultation, strategically well packaged highly discounted wealth enhancing products and services through his affiliate Companies.

These Wealth enhancing products and services are offered through its Members (Associates) that earn commission using its platforms FMG Associates act as independent business owners and benefit from the support and Mentorship of experienced field leaders who’ve built businesses from the ground up, as well as provide the enabling environment and administrative muscle of professionals working at FMG’s executive headquarters. All of these individuals are dedicated to your success.

To get started completely an Associate Membership Agreement (AMA), pay N 20, 000 ($100)and you’re ready to start building your business and have access to Mentorship and business support that can position you to achieve financial independence.

There are no franchise fees associated with starting an FMG business, but as an Associate, you can use FMG Platform business name and image at no cost to you.

No Territory Restrictions. You decide where and how to build your business – across the street, across town, or across the country and the world over. No Time Clock. You set your own hours and goals. You’re in control of your business and your time.

Test Drive the Opportunity. Unlike other businesses, you can start FMG as a part-time, twin career while keeping the security of your existing job. It’s virtually a risk-free chance to change your future.

Membership Benefits

The Benefit includes the following:

Access to Mentorship that puts you in a position to attaining financial independence Where you can start your own Business with Little or Nothing accelerates the volumes of productivity and profitability of whatever Business you are into, becoming your own Boss Own your own home stress and risk-free, help people around you who are jobless with jobs, Poor salary earners with alternative streams of income and people with Ideas on how to actualize their dreams and the Rich how their monies can work for them.

Access highly discounted Business Support Services, Capacity Building, Our ICT awareness for their products and services, and RealEstate deals packaged to provide Ease of Businesses for Members, Business Associates, Family Friends, make money attracting.

  • Capacity Building Businesses

  • Insurance Brokerage Business.

  • Business Support Businesses.

  • General Contracts.

Members are rewarded with commissions on Business facilitated by them. The Platform Members can Buy Land and Houses with their Mouth, Rent, at 30% to 50% of the real market value and access Mortgage with no requirement for Down payment using NHF Access to group life and Health Insurance Benefits (Optional) Comprehensive complimentary professional advice, Training Programs, including virtual and Field Training.

A Mentoring leadership model that offers you the expertise of leaders who have been where you are no wand are dedicated to seeing you succeed. In addition to the rewards, Associates will receive from helping families achieve financial independence. FMG believes in recognizing and rewarding its Associates for their initiative, drive, and ultimately their success with one of the most comprehensive recognition programs in the industry. FMG system will design schemes to inspire and motivate Associates to aspire and achieve greatness. At FMG, Associates can be rewarded by creating a lifestyle and career where they are in control.
As an Independent Business Owner. With
FMG, they can:

  • Be their Own Boss

  • Take Charge of their Career

  • Choose when and how they spend time with family and friends

  • Grow their Career with their Personal Drive for Results

  • Their only Competition being themselves!

The FMG Platform Opportunity is built around Empowering its Members, Mentoring, and exposing them to the right positioning attitude, Mindset, and Basic Wealth Education that puts them in a position to start most Businesses with little or Nothing, Accelerate the Profitability of whatever business they are into, own their own houses and help them and people around them to its highly discounted Business Support Services, Capacity Building, and Real Estate deals packaged to earn them mouthwatering commissions from Businesses introduced by them to the FMG platform.


You do not need an office, employees, or big capital to start your FMG Platform Business. There is a ready-made business and marketing system you can use and a proven product to work with. You only need to help people and organizations around you, build a team starting from your Family Members, Friends, and Colleagues who when they join the Platform will also be exposed to the Wealth enhancing Mentoring opportunity to attaining financial freedom for themselves just like you.

The FMG Platform compensation plan is simple, attractive, and real. You make money showing people how to position themselves for financial freedom with Mentorship and exposure to wealth-enhancing strategies There is no limit to how much you can earn in FMG Platform and how fast you can progress. You can become an FMG Platform Director in 12 months, one year, two years, etc. There is also no limit to The number of people that can reach the top executivze ranking in FMG. It all depends on you.

No experience is required, no requirement for a Degree, your PhD, your status, where you come from, who you know in FMG Platform Management, etc. do not count.

FMG Platform compenation plan

What counts is yourability to see the vision and to go all the way in performing to achieve stupendous success foryourself and others.

FMG Platform works and by restoring the wellbeing of so many people around Nigeria, isbringing hope and joy to millions of individuals and families Not only rewarded through the workyou do helping to provide financial education to people so that they may have a better future-but FMG also believes in recognizing Associates for their drive, dedication and determination.FMG offers this recognition through a variety of awards and rewards, including Rewards: FMGhonors the Company’s rising stars who have earned a cash flow over a rolling month period of N10, 000, 000. These Associates receive a Car that features the FMG logo.


As Associate, they will be backed by the administrative muscle of the FMG ExecutiveHeadquarters and the support of experienced field leaders who’ve each built a successfulfinancial services business from the ground up. The more than 50 employees at theheadquarters will go to work each day with one goal in mind: helping Associates build theirbusiness. These employees and
every leader in the field will be dedicated to helping Associatessucceed.
Training on how to Sell Agent Services Provider Relationship Development
ProfessionalMarketing Materials Technology Support Corporate Intranet that gives you 24-hour access toimportant business tools, such as Commission
Statements, Product Provider information,Company News, and more…
Corporate Website to help introduce potential clients and Associates to FMG.


FMG Foundation

The FMG Foundation provides support to charitable causes close to our Associates’ hearts through
complimentary knowledge sharing sessions and Mentorship to charitable organizations,
associations, cooperatives, internally displaced people camps, religious groups, and communities.
FMG helps improve the lives of families in communities across Nigeria The FMG Platform foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life of Nigerians by organizing basic wealth education training and supporting initiatives on Wealth Creation for Youth and women Empowerment.
We invite Parents, Organizations, Associations, Government, and development Agencies to sponsor
this programme to enable us to reach out to more people, as this initiative can reduce poverty,
unemployment, crime rate, and Corruption in our country


Francis Okumagba is a transformational leader, Ex-Banker, Mentor, Life/Business Coach, Motivational Speaker with over thirty (30) years of work experience, fifteen of which were at executive capacity in Banking, Insurance, Training, Pensions, Real Estates, Consulting, Community and Public Service. He is the President and founder of FMG Platform Empowerment Limited (FMG Platform) a Mentoring, Business Development, Empowerment, and Wealth Consulting Company, Providing opportunities for its Members and Clients to create wealth using its platform, mentoring them with the exposure to skills, attitude and collaborative opportunities to attaining Financial Independence stress and risk-free. Its Members are positioned to start their own businesses with little or Nothing, increase their Business volumes, productivity, and Profitability, and become

Francis holds a 1988 Second Class Upper Degree in Science and Masters in Business
Administration (MBA), both from the University of Benin, Edo State. He also attended TheAdvanced
Management Program at the Lagos Business School Nigeria, now Pan AfricanUniversity, Lagos as
well as the General Management Program in Cranfield School ofManagement in the United

A Certified Life Insurance Agent of Alberta Canada, Francis possesses the TreasurersDealership
Certificate (Authorized Dealer), Nigeria Chartered Institute of Bankers, and theMoney Market
Association of Nigeria. He is also a Certified Pension Funds Manager of theNigerian Certified
Institute of Pensions and was conferred with the Honorary Senior Member ofthe Chartered Institute
of Bankers of Nigeria in 2004.

Landlords in 12 to 18
Months with its homeownership scheme, make Money facilitating Businesses, He also exposes them
to his various financial freedom actualizing programs.
He is also the Executive Chairman of FMG Insurance Brokerage Ltd. A Risk Management Company,
Managing Director of I-Skill Ltd a Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Company, as well
as OME Associates Ltd a Business Development and Real Estate Company.

Francis was born on the 1st of December 1965 in Warri to the illustrious Okumagba family. He had his primary education at Agbassa primary school Warri and secondary education in the famous Urhobo College Effurun both in Delta State.

Administration, Certified management consultant of the Nigerian Center of Management Development (CMD)
Francis commenced his Banking career with Ecobank He was identified for his diligence, assertiveness, and outstanding interpersonal skills where his flair for marketing, wealth-enhancing exposure was expressed, nurtured and blossomed with achievements.

He was known bank-wide as the youngest achiever in deposit mobilization and won several performances and excellence awards of Ecobank in 1994. He left Ecobank in December 1995 to join City Express Bank where he rose to be the head of the Treasury marketing unit in November 1997. He joined Equatorial Trust Bank in 1997, where he rose to be the Treasurer, and later, moved on to Universal Trust Bank in 1999, handling various responsibilities before joining Oceanic Bank in November 1999.

His contributions to the success of Oceanic Bank which rose to be amongst one of the most significant players in the Banking industry as shown in its results between 1999 and 2009 is evident.

Francis left the Banking Industry with his wealth of experience relocated to Canada, Joined the World Financial group in 2009 where he got exposed to Mentorship, Wealth Education and various Real Estate initiatives, he relocated back to Nigeria and set up FMG Platform Empowerment Limited a Mentoring, Business development, Empowerment and Wealth Consulting Company providing opportunities for its Members (FMG Platform) and Clients to succeed in what they do or chose to do and make money facilitating businesses with his strategically packaged wealth enhancing products and services using its various business support services hubs Francis cherishes his culture and people.

He creates time to actively participate and support the activities and propelling initiatives of his people of Okere UrhoboKingdom in Warri South local government, Urhobos and Deltans in general. He is one of the conveners of Urhobo Foundation, a think tank for Urhobo’s. He was also one-time President of the famous Atamu Social Club of Nigeria, one of the most prestigious Urhobo Clubs in Nigeria.

He is a devoted Catholic, an active Member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church Maitama, Member of the
Parish Pastoral Council, President of the Laity Council, Vice President of the Catholic Men Organization and one time Chairman of Edo Delta Catholic Community.

He participates actively in the propelling activities in the Church as he offers his time and talent any time called upon, He is the President of Radio Maria currently being put together, a member of various fundraising committees of his Parish and the Archdioceses, Member of the Finance and fundraising committees for the Cathedral Building, Holy Trinity Parish Trinity Boys College, Catholic Television and also very active
in the Church Harvest programs He is also a Philanthropistcreates time to celebrate birthdays and festivity with the less privilege.

He has earned lots of awards and recognition from various groups, amongst them is the Award by the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria “Ahmadu Bello Platinum Leadership Award of Excellence”
and the Award of Excellence by World Financial Group Canada. Francis is not a Politician but his presence lights up any gathering of People. He is a delight and fun to be with. Francis is also a loving family man. He married Stella Akpoyib ochamuke and the union is blessed with 3 lovely Children; Odeme, Tobore, and Marho.