FMG Platform collaborate with investors, financial institutions locally and internationally tofinance our Real Estate project by way of providing the funds required to support or secure theprovision of Bank guarantee to the construction company at an agreed rate of return. the investors/Financier get

compensation either by proceeds, off plan sales, allocation of units ofhouses in the proposed project or the pre agreed income, subject to terms of Contract withearnings in excess of 20% or a combination of both.

All monies or Assets by way of investment are deposited with the designated bank to theproject.

This is subsequently used to secure a line for a bank guarantee to the appointed constructioncompany subject to contract. The construction companies therefore take care of the completionrisk.

The risk of losing monies invested is therefore mitigated as the completion of the project isensured by the use of Bank Guarantees. The financier’s position is further strengthened by thefact that the houses financed are pre-sold to secure the construction cost.

We offer potential investors various investment opportunities that results in guaranteed incomein excess of 20%p. An as well as returns in excess of 100% depending on the timing, product,risk exposures.



FMG offers experienced self-motivated professionals, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Ex-Bankers, Serving Senior Bankers, Insurance experts and Senior Civil Servants the opportunityto serve as Mentors/ Consultants These Consultants are equipped to offer Mentoring andBusiness Consultation to younger FMG Associates and their Clients the exposure to succeed inwhat they do or chose to do, Start their own business with little or nothing, increase theirbusiness volumes, productivity and profitability with our Basic wealth education program thathelp them achieve financial independence and successful Entrepreneurs.

The Consultants continually get exposed with FMG Complimentary knowledge sharinginteractive sessions organized virtually and physically, there is also a shared WhatsApp andother social mediagroups where training materials are shared by the Consultants.
Consultants are positioned to make money helping mentees and business owners who requireMentorship and Business consultation. They are also able to make monies facilitatingbusinesses using the various FMG Business Support Services Hubs and strategic people whothey are able to make Agents or facilitators for their businesses. With 5 strategic Agents theycan make in excess of a N1million monthly doing this full or part-time We implore you to becomean FMG Consultant as we will hold you by hand to get to where you
want to be. FMG platform puts you under the direct tutelage of some of our field leaders. Theseleaders will show you the ropes and inspire you to develop professionally in ways you havenever imagined.
FMG Platform is based on Mentoring/Consulting model which implies you will not be alone asyou build your own business within the platform.

You will receive world-class training, tools and resources that will help you take your business tothe next level. We ask that you browse the various sections of our website to acquaint yourselfmore with the company and how you can take advantage of this platform.


We Mentor and Transform Bankers into Wealth Consultants, making it possible for them tomake money, increase their Bank’s market share, exceed their deposit targets, IncreaseCustomers base and Excite Customers exposing them to basic wealth education that they canuse to expose their customers to succeed in what they do or chose to do.

We can also ACCELERATE THE RETAIL PLATFORM OF BANKS- empowering their retailcustomers and prospects with starting most businesses with little or no Capital or increase theirbusiness Volumes, productivity, and profitability stress-free. Let’s make money together helpingyour clients attain financial independence while establishing a plan B for ourselves Join FMGPlatform


FMG offers Business Owners Mentorship and Business Consultation that enable them toincrease their volume, productivity, and profitability of their businesses. As they are able toreduce their cost of doing business and overheads. Expand their volumes, use more strategicCustomers, access over ten thousand new Customers in Nigeria with our E-Commerceplatform, as their goods and/or services can be sold online easily. Business Owners succeedwith our Mentorship and Business Consulting access.


FMG Collaborate with Religious Leaders, Pastors/Imams to enlighten their members on how they can succeed in what they do, starting most businesses with little or nothing. Reduce their overhead cost with the highly discounted business support services product and services, increase their Business volumes, productivity and profitability. We will show those working with poor earnings how to make monies on the side to argue their earnings. FMG also offer jobseeker, Youth Corpers and young Entrepreneur Job and training that can make them employable, start their own Business improve their Businesses or as Volunteer Wealth Consultant with our own program. Religious leaders are able to empower their Members through FMG Mentorship and Business Consultation
programmes. Let’s Collaborate


FMG Collaborate with NGOs to empower and expose the less privileged, unemployed, and internally displaced people (IDPs), Youths, Women with the FMG Mentorship, and BusinessConsultation that positions them to succeed in what they do or choose to do. Start most businesses with little or nothing, Accelerate the Business volume, productivity, and profitability. Many NGOs are frustrated with Government bureaucracy and fraudulently set up briefcase Companies to attract this funding creating issues for them. We work with Government Agencies to endorse the program facilitating the acceptance and credibility for the NGOs, donors, and development agencies. FMG Collaborate with these Agencies to carry out their desired initiative of sponsoring programs that will help the less privileged among us and reduce the rate of poverty and unemployment in Nigeria.


FMG offers to Collaborate with Government Agencies to reduce Poverty and Unemploymentsignificantly using our Basic “Wealth Education Programmes” that position participants to startmost businesses with little or nothing, accelerate their business volumes, productivity, andprofitability with one to three months of Mentorship. All we require is sponsorship or theendorsement of the programme. The endorsement creates the credibility that makes it attractivefor sponsorship by Donor and Development Agencies to participate in the Empowermentprogrammes. We can take these programmes to Local, State, and Federal Governmentestablishments: Barracks, IDP Camps where the less privileged and the unemployed are exposed and empowered. Once the programme isendorsed by a government agency, we get the donor and development agencies to sponsor it.So, we work with government agencies in partnership and collaboration to make this happen.State Government can also endorse the programme for their States to reduce poverty andunemployment in their state by over 20% to 30%. Government agencies can collaborate with usto reduce poverty and unemployment by endorsing or sponsoring the programme.


FMG Offers Nigerians in Diaspora the opportunity to empower their relatives in Nigeria byenrolling them to take advantage of the FMG Mentorship and Business Consulting program tobe exposed to how they can create wealth for themselves by helping people around them.Succeed in what they do or chose to do, become self-sufficient, and don’t have to send themmoney all the time. We also offer them the opportunity to leverage their contacts on acommission basis from proceeds of deals they facilitate with their contacts, our risk-free realestate investment opportunity in Nigeria that can earn them in excess of 20% p.a. They canavoid the risk of sending money for real estate projects to
friends and relatives who maysquander or divert their funds.

The FMG real estate projects are structured in a way that their money is secured in the bankwhile the project is on. Their keys are given to them as the monies are released from the Bank.Nigerians in Diaspora can empower their people, make money in Nigeria using their contacts,and investing in risk-free
real estate investment with mouthwatering returns.


FMG work with Cooperatives to provide affordable homes ensuring speed quality, and affordability for their staff and Members. These houses are priced in such a way that subscriber scan use their current Rental Expenses to service the mortgage for these houses for a period of10-15 years i.e become their own tenant and subsequently landlord on the expiration of the life of the mortgage either for themselves or for investment purposes.
They can buy properties at a 30% to 50% discount off plan for themselves or do investment that can give them returns in excess of 50% when they sell.

They can also use our microhomeownership financing scheme to buy properties with interest-only loan in 1 to 2 years to buyproperties at 10% to 20% of the real valueWe have reached an understanding with themortgage banks to provide mortgage for beneficiaries, our Banker are also ready and onstandby to provide the necessary financial backing for our projects we are prepared to build thehouses with the required infrastructure in good locations anywhere in Nigeria.
Interested organization and cooperatives are required to provide the following:

1.Land for the housing project (optional)
2. Provide a guarantee for the beneficiary staff
3. Facilitate payment for the houses through direct debit from beneficiary staff over a 10-15years period.
4. Facilitate the domiciliation of the retirement benefits (pension and gratuity) of beneficiaries with less numbers years as collateral should they be interested in being part of the scheme.


FMG Platform offer Business Support Services to its Members and their Associates at Hugediscounts. Providing them the opportunity to save and make money helping people they mentorto take advantage of them on commission bases as they access the products and servicesthrough them.
FMG in Collaboration with FMG Insurance Brokers ltd (FMGIB) offer Members and his Client’sinsurance brokerage services that reduce their insurance cost as well as provide a platform forthem to make money referring and recommending insurance business to FMGIB onCommission basis.

They achieve savings for them, through insurance audit and help them understand thetechnicalities of Insurance which they may not know, the relevant risk management advice, keepthe client abreast of development in the industry and arrange insurance cover at a competitiverate for clients. FMGIB has all the required regulatory required, professional indemnity ofN1.2billion. FMG Members can attract insurance brokerage business and share in the proceedsbeing an affiliate Company of FMG This is made possible by our team of Professional Brokersas they train those who go through our Mentoring program


FMG welcomes land Owners around the Country who are willing to offer their land for our realestate partnership scheme where they earn in return a percentage of the built up estate. We are in a position to offer the following:
On Land Partnership

  • 10% down payment with balance plus 20% premium paid within 6 months.
  • Value of land plus 20% of the total profit on the Estate.
  • Collaboration 50% of the Net profit of the profit from the Estate project.
  • A percentage of the built up estate in compensation for the land offered.

However, specific deals that falls out of this scope will be determined on a case by case basisInterested Land owners are required to provide us with the following:
copies of the titled documents of the land, an indemnity letter to indemnify us fromencumbrances, their preferred designs for the estate and any other preferences in building style,look and feel as well as letter of commitment to participate by assigning their land to be used forthe scheme.


We collaborate with Construction Companies in the real estate sector. We secure our projects by bank guarantees with the construction companies providing performance bonds in return.
Interested construction companies are required to provide us with the following:

  1. Their company profile.
  2. An outline of all that they will provide us.
  3. A step by step description(pictures inclusive) of their building features for inclusion in our
  4. brochure.
  5. The cost of the various kinds of structures and the accompanying infrastructure for each
  6. estate.
  7. How fast they will be ready to be on the ground once all conditions are meant.
  8. An outline of what they will require of us.
  9. We will also require a copy of their existing Housing Scheme with pictures showing the strategic selling features.

Our desire is to provide top-quality houses for the Business Executive in City centers and affordable homes in satellite towns at very affordable rates.


FMG Mentorship exposes Youth Corp Members to position them to make in excess of N100,000monthly helping people around them in respective of their posting, using the FMG Platform Opportunities of Mentoring, Business Consulting, Business support services and the various Hubs that can earn them mouthwatering commissions with people around them. FMG Mentorship will also expose them for employment eligibility, to start their own Business with little or nothing, get business consultation to succeed in their chosen business endeavor or be retained by FMG as Trainee Wealth Consultants. They will be trained, mentored, make money, become wealth consultant who show people how to succeed in what they do with possible guaranteed Employment.