FMG offers business owners and individuals a Mentorship program

Thank you for reaching out to me, Everyone needs a Mentor to get exposed to succeed in what theydo or chose to do; improving their effectiveness on the job, Start most Businesses with little or nothing,increase the volume, productivity and profitability of their Businesses. A Mentor/Consultant issomeone with Business and life experience than you who can expose support, advise. or Coach youon how to succeed in what you do or chose to do. “You may find a Mentor within your Family,Organization, Industry, Religious group or Political group. You can have more than one Mentor. In fact,a professional mentor will provide a valuable measure of objectivity, inspire and motivate you.
To find a Mentor, look for a person with the desired quality : spiritual maturity, extensive businessexperience and a the right temperament and attitude. Be careful with your choice of Mentors so thatyou don’t get into wrong hands, avoid any issues of impropriety.

Before you choose your mentor

when approaching possible Mentors, Check them out, one way is to google their names forbackground checks and experience. With social media and availability of many ways ofcommunication. You can access them today through phone, whatsapp, zoom meetings or meet withthem “face- to-face” hourly, weekly or monthly. Establish an open and honest relationship with yourMentor. Dont run away from the fees. Mentorship is the missing link you need to succeed as anindividual or business venture today.

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